Natia Lemay is a mixed-race Toronto-based artist of Black, French and Indigenous descent. Working as a conceptual artist and figurative painter, she explores decolonization, identity, systemic erasure, and white supremacy by focusing on the sociological impact of capitalism, myth, stereotyping, systemic, socialized, and internalized racism on the BIPOC identity. Through allegorical works, she looks to contribute and encourage social change. 

Natia is completing her Masters of Painting and Printmaking at Yale School of Art and has a BFA from OCAD University with a Social Sciences minor. She has participated in masterclasses with Mickalene Thomas, Ebony Haynes, and Manuel Mathieu. Natia has curated over 7 shows with OCAD U's Ada Slaight Chair and completed multiple workshops for curating in digital spaces at OCAD U. She has sat on OCAD U faculty of art hiring committee, participated in an OCADU working group combating sexual and gender-based violence, supported the hiring of a black and indigenous student councilor at OCADU health and wellness department and winner of the 2020 Diversity & Equity Excellence Award at OCADU. 


Her work has been featured on the Cover of Shanty Grants Novel "The Bridge" 2021, The Royal Society of Canada publication "Beyond the Covid-19 Crisis", CPAMO (Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario) Exhibition, and a Look inside Open house at OCAD University, The Festival of the Body Exhibition, Double Mirrors Exhibition and has received a bursary from Toronto Artscape Foundation and The Christopher Pratt and Mary Pratt foundation. Natia is also the Common Collective founder and has organized and assisted in curating the TINT show 2019 in Toronto, Ontario. She regularly volunteers with the Gatehouse Charity "Healing the Voice Within" by completing live paintings for auctions during fundraising events.